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The following variables relate to Valence:

Selection Variable Info Dataset
VALENCE #SLS, how positive / negative was the situation? FEEL Study 1
VALENCE During the past few weeks, how positive / negative were the situations you were in? FEEL Study 1
grid Indicate how you feel right now using the grid below. Leuven 3-wave longitudinal study
VALENCE Index of valence ranging from -4 (unpleasant) to 4 (pleasant) -- based on affect grid. Leuven 3-wave longitudinal study
gedachte_valentie If you think of the content of these thoughts: how negative or positive is this for you? Leuven 3-wave longitudinal study
AFFGRID AFFECT GRID Leuven emotions in daily life 2011
VALENCE Think about what is determining your feelings now: to what extent is this positive or negative for you? Leuven BPD study
AFFGRID_PLEAS Core affect grid: pleasantness - Use the Affect Grid to indicate how you feel now Leuven BPD study
VALENCE How unpleasant / pleasant do you feel at this moment? Leuven emotion dynamics 2017
AFFGRID Indicate how you feel right now using the grid below. Leuven couples study 2014
PERSONGRID Indicate how you present yourself with regard to your partner Leuven couples study 2014
AFFGRID_PARTNER Indicate how you think your partner is currently feeling Leuven couples study 2014
AFFGRID Indicate how you currently feel yourself. This grid serves to describe your feeling on two dimensions, namely activity and pleasantness. The center of the grid represents a neutral, average, everyday feel. The horizontal dimension of the grid reflects unpleasant vs. pleasant feelings. The further to the left, the more uncomfortable you feel. The vertical dimension of the grid reflects the degree of activation. Activation has to do with how awake, alert, or activated you feel. The top half is for feelings with more activation than average. The lower, the more passive and sleepier. The other labels on the grid are examples, for example depressed is a feeling that scores both low on activation and high on negativity. Leuven couples study 2016
AFFGRID_PARTNER Indicate how you think your partner feels at the moment Leuven couples study 2016
AFFDIAL_NEG While watching a video of an in-lab conflict interaction with their partner: Indicate how you felt by moving from left (negative) to right (positive) with the joystick. Leuven couples study 2016
AFFGRID Affect grid Everyday emotion regulation
AFFGRID Use the Affect Grid to indicate how you are feeling now Trier social stress study
T2_VALENCE Trier social stress study
T3_VALENCE Trier social stress study
T4_VALENCE Trier social stress study