EMOTE is in a testing phase and remains under development. Please direct any questions to emote-database@unimelb.edu.au.


The following variables relate to Importance:

Selection Variable Info Dataset
CTXT_APPR_1 How important was this event for you? Negative events diary
IMPORT #SLS, how important was the situation to you? FEEL Study 1
IMPORT During the past few weeks, how important were the situations you were in? FEEL Study 1
gedachte_belangrijk If you think of the content of these thoughts: how important is this to you? Leuven 3-wave longitudinal study
IMPORT To what extent is your current situation important to you? Leuven emotions in daily life 2011
IMPORT How important was this event to you? Emotional events in daily life
APP_IMP When you think about your grades right now, how important are your grades for you? Exam results study
IMPORT Think about what is determining your feelings now: to what extent is this important to you? Leuven BPD study
T2_IMPORT Trier social stress study
T3_IMPORT Trier social stress study
T4_IMPORT Trier social stress study