Self Compassion

Acting compassionately towards oneself when experience difficulties, failure, or when noticing negative qualities

The following variables relate to Self Compassion:

Selection Variable Info Assessment type Dataset
SCS_SF_1 When I fail at something important to me I become consumed by feelings of inadequacy. Baseline FEEL Study 1
SCS_SF_2 I try to be understanding and patient towards those aspects of my personality I don’t like. Baseline FEEL Study 1
SCS_SF_3 When something painful happens I try to take a balanced view of the situation. Baseline FEEL Study 1
SCS_SF_4 When I’m feeling down, I tend to feel like most other people are probably happier than I am. Baseline FEEL Study 1
SCS_SF_5 I try to see my failings as part of the human condition. Baseline FEEL Study 1
SCS_SF_6 When I’m going through a very hard time, I give myself the caring and tenderness I need. Baseline FEEL Study 1
SCS_SF_7 When something upsets me I try to keep my emotions in balance. Baseline FEEL Study 1
SCS_SF_8 When I fail at something that’s important to me, I tend to feel alone in my failure Baseline FEEL Study 1
SCS_SF_9 When I’m feeling down I tend to obsess and fixate on everything that’s wrong. Baseline FEEL Study 1
SCS_SF_10 When I feel inadequate in some way, I try to remind myself that feelings of inadequacy are shared by most people. Baseline FEEL Study 1
SCS_SF_11 I’m disapproving and judgmental about my own flaws and inadequacies. Baseline FEEL Study 1
SCS_SF_12 I’m intolerant and impatient towards those aspects of my personality I don’t like. Baseline FEEL Study 1
SCOMP In response to your feelings, have you been PATIENT AND UNDERSTANDING TOWARDS YOURSELF since last survey? ESM ACU emotions in daily life