Response Style

Ways of responding to survey items that are not related to the actual content of the item, like social desirability

The following variables relate to Response Style:

Selection Variable Info Dataset
BIDR_SF_1 I have not always been honest with myself FEEL Study 1
BIDR_SF_2 I always know why I like things FEEL Study 1
BIDR_SF_3 It’s hard for me to shut off a disturbing thought FEEL Study 1
BIDR_SF_4 I never regret my decisions FEEL Study 1
BIDR_SF_5 I sometimes lose out on things because I can’t make up my mind soon enough FEEL Study 1
BIDR_SF_6 I am a completely rational person FEEL Study 1
BIDR_SF_7 I am very confident of my judgements FEEL Study 1
BIDR_SF_8 I have sometimes doubted my ability as a lover FEEL Study 1
BIDR_SF_9 I sometimes tell lies if I have to FEEL Study 1
BIDR_SF_10 I never cover up my mistakes FEEL Study 1
BIDR_SF_11 There have been occasions when I have taken advantage of someone FEEL Study 1
BIDR_SF_12 I sometimes try to get even rather than forgive and forget FEEL Study 1
BIDR_SF_13 I have said something bad about a friend behind his or her back FEEL Study 1
BIDR_SF_14 When I hear people talking privately, I avoid listening FEEL Study 1
BIDR_SF_15 I never take things that don’t belong to me FEEL Study 1
BIDR_SF_16 I don’t gossip about other people’s business FEEL Study 1